We positively value initiatives that are aimed at satisfying new trends of consumption or needs in COVID-19 and Post COVID-19 period, solutions that affect positively the adaptation of the agro-industrial sector to the climate change, and scalable ecosystems that add value to the agribusiness of the territory will be positively valued.

Your proposal will be evaluated by a panel made up of the project team and potential investors, getting personalized feedback. We will keep the confidentiality of each submitted proposal.

Present your scalable, replicable investment agro-industrial business or project, technology-based and/or high value,with clear metrics in economic, environmental, and social impact. Wil be accepted projects and startups in early information stages to projects in scaling-up stages.

We invite those national and international initiatives, interested in participating in this Program and interested in making productive investments (goods or services) in the entrepreneurial and innovative agro-industrial ecosystem of the Región del Maule.